GTI TAXI for drivers

Would you like to be part of an elite of taxi drivers here in Romania?

If the answer is yes, then GTI TAXI is the partner you need! Simple, fast and reliable!

What are your benefits?

Increase your income

You can increase your income considerably from day to day, you can see the exact location of your client.

Take orders

You can take orders for coming days, the screen will display the optimal route to your client after taking the order.

Chat with your client

You can receive orders selectively, based on the distance between you and your client, you can communicate directly with your client via chat.

Rate clients

You can rate clients that stood you up or were problematic.

Any employee of a taxi company or independent taxi driver can be part of the GTI TAXI network!
Join our team and you will have only to gain! The app for taxi drivers can be installed on any smartphone or tablet that runs on Android.

*The offer is subject to Terms and conditions.