About us

GTI TAXI is planning to change the following scenario for you: I call my favourite taxi company but no one answers, the dispatcher keeps me waiting for minutes on end, the taxi driver was rude and ruined my day. Why waste your time trying out your luck with different dispatchers when there is a service available that brings together the best taxi drivers in Bucharest? Why take the risk, when you can choose the exact taxi/taxi driver you want to travel with? Simple, fast and reliable!

We have taken all your wishes into consideration and have thus created GTI TAXI, a service that allows you to access a large number of taxis from different companies as well as drivers carefully selected as a result of a rigorous procedure, that gives you access to information on the driver and the car so that you can make an informed decision.

In order to use GTI TAXI, you can download the app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, for free. You will immediately have access to a map displaying all the taxis in your area and so, the choice lies in your hands.

The best odds to find a car that suits your tastes are with us here at GTI TAXI! Try it out and you will see!